Sacramento HVAC companies want you to know that maintenance is key!

With so many different things in our lives to keep track of, it’s sometimes hard to remember everything. Usually, the issues that are in front of us on a regular basis get our attention; you know the saying, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Things like regular home maintenance are most likely something we don’t pay attention to until we need to. Unfortunately, "needing to” means that something is broken and we "have” to fix or replace it. Keeping up with the regular maintenance of any home appliance is important, but no appliance is more important than your heating and air conditioning system.

Young repairman fixing an industrial air conditioning compressor.

The regulation of your home’s temperature is what makes it the most comfortable. You can have the world’s most relaxing sofa and most satisfying home audio system, but if it’s too cold or too hot inside, it’s all meaningless. The benefits of keeping up on general maintenance reach far beyond just being stuck without a unit for a couple days between replacements. Whether you own a residential or commercial unit, the longevity, functionality and efficiency of your unit is determined by its upkeep.

According to studies, a unit that goes unmaintained for an extended period of time must work 20 percent harder than a regularly maintained unit to produce the same amount of heating or cooling capacity. When a unit is being pushed beyond its original intent, it will run longer, using more electricity and be more likely to need an expensive major repair.

For your outside unit, make sure you take time to clean it off on a regular basis. Something as easy as running a hose along the top to the bottom of the coils will help keep debris and dirt from slowing your system down. Inside your home, make sure to regularly change your air filters and keep your vent clear as well.  If a problem should persist after cleaning your unit, Sacramento HVAC companies like Morgan Mechanical can come out and take a look at whatever problem you’re having. Morgan Mechanical is one of the most trusted names in heating and air in Sacramento.


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