3 Fall Fix-Ups Help Save on Sacramento HVAC Winter Bill

It is officially Fall and with less use of the air conditioner comes more use of the heater. It feels like you will always have to be paying a large bill because of the weather. According to Interstate Air Conditioning and Heating, the average household spends more the $2,500 a year on energy bills! That is an astounding amount to be paying for heating and air in Sacramento. But what if you were told, you didn’t have to spend all that money. There is actually a few ways to help increase your heat and decrease your bill this winter. All it takes is a little effort on your part.

In order to save yourself money from a horrendous heating bill, you can try these easy fix-ups outside to make your HVAC in Sacramento the right temperature for you this Winter.Man Caulking Window

1. Gaps everywhere!

Fear the gaps for they will suck all the hot air out of your house! You would be surprised as to how many little gaps are allowing large quantities of hot air to escape. It’s a pretty easy fix, though. Grab some clear silicone caulk and take a walk around your house in search of gaps to fill. A few places you may want fill are:

  • The gap where your window meets the house
  • Outlets
  • Faucets
  • The gap between the window screen (You won’t need the caulk for this – instead attach a removable rope caulk)

With these gaps filled your heat won’t be pouring out. Remember, the slightest crack makes a difference.

2. Air conditioners need blankets too

When winter comes, there is no doubt you will be blasting your heater from time to time. Your heating and air conditioning unit will emit heat outside which will attract and absorb the cold air from outside. For reasons like this, we say put a cover on it! If your air conditioner is cozy then you will be cozy. The less work it has to do to keep warm – the less money you will have to pay to keep warm.

3. The curse of the garage door

While many don’t realize they have this problem, most do. The rubber gasket under your garage door may fall apart over time and leave empty space to welcome in the cold air. Most any hardware store will sell you a garage door bottom seal. If you don’t feel like it is necessary, put a towel in its place. It may not be perfect, but it will help keep some of the cold air out.

Your comfort and health is important and keeping the proper temperatures in your house affects that. Even after sealing up the gaps around your home, you may want to contact Sacramento HVAC company, Morgan Mechanical. They have the ability to take a look at your system and can make sure it is running efficiently. Soon you will be on your way to saving money this Winter season!