Preparing Your Sacramento HVAC Equipment for Winter Season

It is during winter that you will need to have your heating system working properly. The cold spells can make life uncomfortable in your home, and an inefficient, and ineffective heating system will compound the problem. You would better get your HVAC equipment checked properly to ensure come the winter months, it will be operating smoothly. Just before the season sets in consider consulting with a heating and air Sacramento company to inspect your unit and check for flaws that may render it inefficient or non-functional. The best defense you can have in your home against cold winter is an efficiently and effectively functioning heating system. You need an HVAC system that offers the highest level of performance, and this may not be achieved without having regular maintenance.

Change filters

With time, as your HVAC equipment runs, it traps dirt, dander, pet hair, pollens, dust, and other particles in the air. This keeps the system clean and prevents particulates from getting into the living space of a home. Clean filters promote better indoor air quality. However, the filters can clog with dirt or wear out and need to be cleaned or replaced.

A check up conducted just before winter will ensure that you have an air conditioner that is working properly. The filters on your furnace or air conditioner are one of the often-overlooked parts that can determine the kind of experience you have with your HVAC equipment in times of cold weather. Filters need to be changed about every 3 months to offer peak efficiency.

Tune up of the system

A qualified HVAC Sacramento technician may be needed to tune up the heating and air conditioning system so that it remains operating efficiently. Having your system serviced before the peak heating and cooling months goes a long way in enhancing its efficiency. The technicians may look at the thermostat settings, start up and shut down controls, electrical components, lubrication parts, and condensation drain.

Tuning the system ensures it heats the home more efficiently, and you won't have to incur increased energy bills during the peak season. When you lubricate moving parts of the HVAC equipment, you prevent friction that may wear down the parts thereby resulting in premature damages that call for replacement of parts. Broken and faulty electrical components could risk your unit breaking down completely or malfunctioning when you need it most in winter.

Taking these steps before the winter sets in can help you spend your time in comfortable areas with sufficient heating. Ensure you have Sacramento HVAC company inspect your system and offer regular maintenance. It will prolong the life of the system and enhance its efficiency. It also improves the quality of air people breath at home.