Sacramento Heating and Air filters Will Get Moldy If Not Dry

Don’t breathe in the bad air

There is nothing worse than a wet filter. Your home’s filter is actually making sure that your home’s breathing air is decent for your health. Because all the dust in the world can’t magically disappear, your filter is the next best step in preventing those dust particles from getting into your lungs and getting you sick. So if your filter is wet, all the dust it’s about to catch is going to get wet. This will lead to a reduced airflow through mold. So yes – wet filters are bad. Your Sacramento heating and air filters should always be dry, but if they aren’t, here is a reason why it may be getting so damp.Totally clogged HVAC air conditioning filter



Your Sacramento HVAC generally works by passing the warm/moist air from your home through some evaporator coils, which will create condensation. The condensation will then drip down into a collector pan and you should not have to ever worry about it. But if this drain gets clogged – you are going to have some problems. The big issue is your filter absorbing that leakage and thus creating a wet filter – and that’s no good to anyone. This is just one way your HVAC in Sacramento may be getting wet but whatever the reason is, it needs to stop.


Professional help will save you money

So, what do you do if your filter gets wet? Get a new one installed! Morgan Mechanical is proud to be professionally working on heating and air conditioning systems throughout the Sacramento area and can be of assistance to you when installing a new filter. But after it’s all set up you will want to make sure this doesn’t happen again. In order to prevent a wet filter from occurring, try:

  • Getting regular inspections on your HVAC unit
  • Getting professionals to do the installations

Morgan Mechanical highly recommends getting professional help when dealing with your heating and air conditioning system. Your system is highly intricate and a trained technician knows what to do for you in order to make sure life’s a breathe of fresh air.