Spring cleaning tips! To help all Homeowners!!!

Have you started your Spring Cleaning?                                     
Many homeowners take time in spring to give their homes a thorough “spring cleaning”. It is always meant to tackle every nook and cranny of your home. Dirt can accumulate in all areas of your HVAC equipment, resulting in lower efficiency and poor indoor air quality.
Morgan Mechanical Suggests scheduling these services in order to keep up with your hard work during your Spring cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning

Airborne dirt and dust remain behind in your home’s ductwork. They can blow back into your living spaces, requiring more frequent cleaning. They can also get into your HVAC, hindering performance or even damaging your system.

AC maintenance
Maintenance is a must on any spring to-do list. Dirt removal from your system’s parts will prevent damage and performance issues. In addition, your unit will perform at peak levels, resulting in better all-around energy efficiency. It will last much longer, giving you a better return on investment.

Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

Dirt and other airborne debris can get on your condenser coils. Dirty coils prevent the heat exchange process necessary to cool your home. Cleaning dirty coils will ease proper heat exchange and improve system performance.

On top of the mentioned services done by a contractor, You can do the following tasks by yourself to help maintain the health of you and your HVAC system.
Clean the Return Air Vents
Dust and dirt build up on your return air vents. You can remove them for cleaning or clean them in place. Vacuum loose debris and use a rag over a butter knife to remove tough deposits between the grill spaces.
Clean Floor Registers
Dirt, pet hair, small items, and other debris can get into the floor registers around your house. Though you vacuum over them with regularity, take it a step further. Remove the vent from the floor. Place it in soapy water and brush or sponge off any dirt or rust on the cover and in the vent. Let the vent dry very well before putting it back. In the meantime, be cautious lest you knock anything down into the exposed ductwork.
Clean Your Air Conditioner Unit
Debris can build up in your exterior condenser unit. They can restrict airflow, causing system performance issues. To clean the condenser, turn off the power to the unit. Vacuum the air conditioner’s fins using a soft brush attachment, but be careful because the fins are delicate and can bend. Remove any yard waste and vegetation around the unit to prevent airflow problems.
If you need any help, or find yourself wanting to schedule these services you can call us and get on the schedule. We look forward to helping you tackle your Spring cleaning, 1 item at a time. Happy Spring!!!